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Got Bike?
Got Stuff?

The Slap Bag keeps your items secured inside. Using a simple pull, the Slap Bag opens up. Then just slap it closed. When you are riding and need something, just pull on the tab and it opens allowing you to grab your food/phone/etc. Slap it closed securing your items and continue on your way (or bike, ride, journey).

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<center>Got Phone?</center>

Got Phone?

SLAP BAG is a Simple Little Accessory Pouch that mounts to the handlebars and stem of your road bike, mountain bike, cruiser bike, fixie bike or kids bike. Did we mention the best part: It opens and closes with one hand.

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<center>Got Kids?</center>

Got Kids?

A real hit with the kids. Lets them personalize their bikes and take along their favorite things. Our kids can be found with Thomas Trains™, Bandaids™, and snacks in their Slap Bags.

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  • Dimensions

    External Dimensions:
    7.50" W x 6.75" H (3.50" mouth when open)
    Internal Dimensions:
    7.25" W x 5.75" H (3.25" mouth when open)

  • Fabric

    X-Pac VX-21
    Durable, Rigid (doesn't flap in the wind), Waterproof Fabric
    The fabric is waterproof but the bag closure does not create a water tight seal, consider this product water resistant.

  • Patent Pending Closure

    The back edge has an aluminum bar that you can bend into place for a custom fit to every bike. The front edge is much like a slap bracelet and the ~90degree angle you create once you bend the bag into place activates the Patent Pending closure mechanism


Will this work on my bike?

We have tested the Slap Bag on all sorts of bikes from mountain to road to fat bikes and kids striders. We've also seen the Slap Bag installed not optimally on many bikes. The key is to find a spot where you can attach the bag so the two sides make a 90-degree angle. We're happy to help if you can't figure out how to do this but to really enjoy the full accessibility of the bag, this is the essential part.

My bag is flat, how do I make it work?

For shipping purposes, the bags always come flat. The first step in activating your Slap Bag is to bend the entire bag to a right angle. Then, find a spot on your bike (or stroller, or crutches, or walker or kayak) to affix the bag in the same right angle.

Can I use this on strollers, walkers, crutches, kayaks, canoes...

We love to see people using the Slap Bag on any device where it's important to access with just one hand. The important part of the design is to ensure there is a secure attachment to device and that the bag is folded at a right angle to allow for a true "open" and "close" position.

Installation Instructions

It’s simple just bend by pushing above where the Slap Bag logo is, you’ll be bending the aluminum bar on the back edge into its active state (forming close to a 90degree angle). Then attach two of the Velcro straps to your handle bars and the other two to your stem (it’s not required to have all 4, we have that many to give you options). Of course, if you have any troubles or questions you can give us a call or email info@slapbag.com



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