All you need is one hand! Slap Bag, the Simple Little Accessory Pouch, is a novel carry-all for your bike that can be opened and closed with just one hand. Yes, that’s right, you no longer have to stop to unzip your backpack or fiddle with you seat/handlebar pack to get your gel pack, energy bar, lip balm, or phone out. The Slap Bag mounts easily and securely to the handlebars and stem of just about any type of bike with four Velcro strips while the aluminum bar at the back of the bag can be bent for a custom fit to your bike. But here’s the really special part…the patent pending closure mechanism, similar to those slap bracelet you used to play with as a kid. That’s what makes it a snap or should we say, “slap”, to get in and out of the pouch with just one hand – no zippers, Velcro, or magnets. The fabric is waterproof and has some structure to it so it won’t be flapping around in the wind, but it’s thin enough so you can hear your phone ring. Available in 6 colors. You’ll be slap happy with the Slap Bag!